I am marking time…






It’s a sort of artful, productive even, twiddling of thumbs… and fingers:

A time-based fascinator worn from the wrist-down – feverish-fingered purposefulness distracting from what is actually wilful, essential withdrawal.

My steely clicks, my staccato arcs and flicks, barb the air, charging the space between my needles. They defend a tiny, intimate, infinite territory… reel my thoughts into it and unravel them:

Uncertainty, anticipation, ever-swelling love…

I sense each fleeting emotion being caught in my knotty net as it grows away from me, leaving honest texture in its wake.

It is honest work, this: domestic, small, made up of fragments of time.

Yet it fills all the most pregnant moments and spaces, the holes in my days, knitting the knotty substance of this wait into something I can feel.

Moss stitch baby kimono wrap in Jaeger Matchmaker Merino DK – Shade 900. Adapted from Started 22nd February, still on the pins…




  • Daphne

    I’m enjoying your wonderfully poetic blog!
    Have sent on to k and t…
    Good with it all.

    • Daphne

      Insert ‘luck’…

      • zoequick

        thanks Daphne… I’m so enjoying this little diversion… but bear with me – it’s a bit sporadic – goes with the territory I guess! Hope you and family across the globe all well – great to get reports via Langside…xxx

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