we eat fish and chips with our backs to the town – a small huddle at the water’s edge

braving the evening breeze

watching the changing light on the water, the beachgoers’ disappearing silhouettes

waiting for the tide to bring its flood to our moat and a sleeping baby to wake

the beach empties

the waves roll

the tide gently ushers us home

we savour the view, soak up the last of the fading daylight,

until our beach-clad bodies shiver

like stalwart late-night cinema-goers,

we like to be the last to leave

  • Hazel

    loved the photo and the ‘poem’. You have an amazing facility with words, dear Zo.

    • zoequick

      thanks for the comments H! – always a bit excited to see if anyone’s out there reading my little offerings… hope you guys also enjoying a bit of springiness? xxxxx

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