My first hour entirely alone in six weeks! I almost didn’t know what to do with myself…

I could (perhaps should) have caught up on some much needed sleep, but the urge to make something was too strong.

A rummage in the fabric cupboard, a raid of the trimmings box, steam from the iron, a foot on the sewing machine pedal – et voila! A bonnet for my baby and a reinvigorated mummy. (Thank goodness it fits!)

Who needs sleep when there’s a sewing fix in the offing?

  • Mummy

    she looks so content!! What a lovely shot. The whole blog is poetic. Well done you. I’m so impressed. x

  • Hazel

    What a fabulous photo! My greatniece looks great in her spring bonnet. Can’t wait to see her!

  • i’d love to share this posting with the readers on my site. thanks for sharing!

    • zoequick

      hi tara – thanks for your comment – I can’t connect to your site at the moment but would love to know a bit about it…

  • Alice Coleridge

    How did you manage an hour alone?! The bonnet is wonderful – Dilys really looks like she is thinking ‘well done mummy!’

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