daddys have birthdays too…

Somehow, amidst the general chaos that has accompanied the arrival of our second little one, Rose and I managed to squeeze out just enough time in our days to put together a little celebration for Daddy’s birthday. It involved Mummy sacrificing just a little bit more of her sleep, the turning of a few blind eyes on Daddy’s part (evidence of card making and cake baking: a tell-tale trail of glitter and the powdery result of some rather vigorous stirring – cocoa makes the most marvellous plumes don’t you know?)… and of course Rose making sure that Daddy had advance warning of his ‘surprise secret that we made for you’.

It was a happy gathering

I’m so glad we made the time to celebrate, despite the fact that Daddy’s expectations had been low. It’s so important to celebrate the people you love… and especially nice when you get to share the cake that you made too!



  • Hazel

    belated happy birthday to Tim. I’m sorry I didn’t send a card. It looks like you had a lovely time and the cake looks scrummy!

  • Pam

    Emily has just given me your blog address and I’m entranced. I intend to become an avid follower of hairshirt! Thank you for sharing…

  • zoequick

    thanks for the tip off… will look into it!

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