This uncalled for state of alertness

has the strange effect of rendering night lucid, orchestral, loud,

the light hours subtle, dream-like, veiled…

It’s as if a net curtain were drawn across the day.


  • funkydoodle dandy

    A thing i have noticed but never said is that i am nicer when i am sleep deprived. It goes one of 2 ways either i am running on adrenniline and so eat lots of cake and still stay thinish or i am nice! I slow down and chill- i give up my ‘to dos’ for the day and my concerntation is very much improved especially with written tasks or admin. I remember this working when i was a student after partying all nite i was more up for sitting still to write essays- because my battetries had run dwn. With Ben in france visiting family i have been reflecting alot about those student days and wondering how i am the person i am today. Not sure i like the changes over the years? Will reflect more and let you know- what do you think- how have kids changed us? is that real us still there underneath the parent?

    • zoequick

      Gosh…I am definitely NOT nicer when sleep deprived! …but I do know what you mean about the softness that can come from surrendering to tiredness. If anything I think having kids has taught me more about looking after myself on whatever limited rest I can get… t feels important to model for the children that we take rest when we need it. It has never come naturally to me though… I’m a real doer like you… but then I do have a lovely but manic pair of parents!

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