See – it’s not all self-denial around here.

This tea and cake thing started in earnest last week, when I was caught shiftily downing a large piece of off-limits (vegan… but wheaty, and definitely sugary) chocolate cake with my toddler in the garden of the local cafe…

just before family suppertime

– I think that comes somewhere quite high up on the list of a mother’s cardinal sins.

Thing is, the lady who caught me at it happened to be a retired mid-wife. She actually berated me for being so apologetic – reckoned that cake and a litre of water at 3pm was in fact the best thing I could possibly do for my baby.

How’s that for a new slant on cake?

So, this week we’ve been taking her at her word.

…and having just been lent a pile of ‘Cooking Without’ recipe books I now have good reason to start testing the merits of the baking sections.

So what you see here is domestic decadence but perhaps not as you know it: rooibosch tea with soya milk and sugar-free wheat-free dairy-free fruit cake (recipe from Vegetarian Cooking Without by Barbara Cousins)

I feel a series of ‘cake of the week’ posts coming on…

…and did we spoil our appetites for sausage stew?

not a bit of it



  • Pippa

    Glad to see you’re making good use of the books! x

  • When is your appetite ever spoilt? 😉

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