magic happens

Children are diminutive conjurors, clairvoyants of the imagination, little mediums for the parallel world of colour, animation, joy, endless possibility, that we adults cohabit but so often fail to see.

On a windswept beach last week, I saw it in my toddler’s eyes before it happened: a flash of recognition, premonition …a conspiratorial look. As I unravelled my sling, she had already recognised a snake of the wind, was charming it off me with her imagination, willing it to the weather. So we let it live, danced with it, tamed it, tumbled over and over shrieking wildly, giddy as we let it wrap us up, breathless with laughter as we chased it, pinned it to the ground. With it we animated a beach on a grey day, put smiles on the faces of passers by, enchanted the pedestrian.

As my sister would say:

Magic happens.

Our snake was a Didymos Tina sling, the first proper woven sling I’ve owned and well worth it for an ever heavier baby …and beach dancing of course, which just wouldn’t have been the same with a stretchy wrap. So here’s a nod to the lovely Ali Dover at Maverick Baby, who supplied us with ‘Tina’. She’s been a source of much wisdom on all things babywearing, and is a true ‘Hairshirt’ spirit as ambassador for the sartorial elegance inherent in the simple act of wearing your baby.

  • pien

    Magic happened all the time when A&S were little that’s why I did not want them to go to school. What ever they say when they go there at such an early age as 4 and1/2 the magic slowly stops and gives way to the endless seduction game of the Three R’s. Half an hour this, half an hour that. Never hours of exploring the assets of one thing, timeless play, creativity without borders and time limits, spontaneity and limitless curiosity. They went there when they were old enough to make a choice and have the confidence to question authority.
    With love,

    • zoequick

      thanks Pien – I needed those words of wisdom today. Sometimes some of the decisions we’re taking seem a a bit lonely. Makes a big difference to hear a voice of support, especially on the education front – many of R’s little friends went back to pre-school today…

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