how can something this green…

turn into something this red?

No really… we’d like to know.

I’m a little behind on my posts – my computer has been away for a little tlc. But this crab apple jelly session was only a couple of weeks back. We were amazed to find fruit still hanging on the trees in Powys in late January. Tenacious little fruits – we felt we’d better celebrate that… and so while baby and I rested by the fire, daughter no.1 was carted off (literally) by great aunt to scoop up the windfall. It’s another preserving first for me but perhaps the simplest so far. All went extremely smoothly… until uninitiated husband helpfully started to squeeze the dripping muslin bundles (jelly crime of the highest order). Disaster averted, the ladies of the house were quite awed by the beautiful ruby glow of our jelly jars… and as you can see, I wasn’t the only one exuberant at the nigh on perfect set.

  • Sara

    Looks luscious! Did the apples have red flesh? I’ve seen that only on red apples but apparently there are green skinned ones too…
    Long time no see. Hope you’re all ok x
    PS I’m up for admitting I’m in the squeeze it camp! Can’t bear the waste of a bit more!

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