her stillness caught me completely unawares

I’d left the room with an EP playing on the stereo

we’d bought it on Saturday evening at a performance in town by a young songwriter resident here, with incredible talent – she moved me to tears

it is gentle, acoustic music with an open, child-like soul, crystal clear lyrics

I thought I’d test it out on the critics

(there aren’t many kinds of music that we agree on)

only to find my eldest daughter utterly moved,

…utterly still, in fact

transfixed by the speakers

this, it seems, is listening, not dancing music

and like most things for my 3 year old, listening, really listening, involves her entire body

…and her soul too, I would vouch

  • Alice

    I think I’m feeling like Rose. Was about to get up off the sofa, but followed your link and am now completely stuck here listening. Thank you.

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