spot the pocket…

Rose has been eyeing my machine up for a while now, so it only took us a little nudge in the form of yesterday’s post from Soulemama. Amanda Blake Soule is of the ‘start ’em early’ school of thought – There she was, pictured merrily sewing away with a three year old on her lap and her six year old in the foreground working away with a hot iron. That is exactly why I dig this woman.

We basically went straight ahead and copied: A bag. (With an uncertain nap time sewing window and a new apprentice, I wasn’t going to tackle anything tricky.) We did it as togetherly as ergonomics and attention span allowed – choice of fabric, cutting out, pinning, snipping thread, guiding fabric through the machine… not to mention design – it’s reversible… and can you spot the pocket?

The lure of Angelina Ballerina won out towards the finish line, and I can see it’ll be a while until I can be completely hands off, but the prospect thrills me, in both senses – I will need to audit my fabric stash in anticipation…

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