hip hip hip hooray!

Rose has got her hat on!

It was becoming embarrassingly obvious that Rose has been rather hatless this last week or two. We were reduced last week to tying her skirt around her head with one of the flower garlands I’d made for home-ed group – it looked rather fetching but didn’t quite cut the mustard in functional terms… and it wasn’t for the want of finding nice sunhats (I very nearly purchased one of these). No, it was just the exciting notion and the faint hope that I might actually find the time to make one.

Well, there are those rather familiar days when the ‘to do’ list barely gets a glance… and then there’s the other rare kind of day where we whizz through the list, fit some extra chores in on top, make tasty food (not just baked potatoes…) and manage to squeeze in time for something a bit frivolous. Yippee – yesterday was one of those days…

It was most definitely a joint effort. Fabric chosen by Rose – a part-faded charity shop Ikea curtain that has found its way into a fair few projects (you can just see Rose’s matching apron in the ‘working lunch’ photo above). Mummy surprised herself with her geometry skills (hello again Pi) and Rose got handy with a compass. There was lots of cutting (not all of it entirely necessary…) and a fair bit of trying on. Only the last fiddly two seams joining brim to crown and lining were left to do when Dilys stirred.

I am still reeling with excitement at the whole experience (my first proper hat!). Thank goodness it worked.

It even looks pretty good inside out…

  • Alice

    Ah ha! When you showed me teddies hat you didn’t say Rose had one too! (or maybe you did but the technology lost the words) I do now think that one for little sister is a must. AND Aunty Alice might have to put in an order too because her ears keep getting burnt wearing her cap.

  • pien

    Not just a proper hat!
    Think of all those skills you are passing on!
    Color choice
    and, oh yes, an other “C” for
    What a way to learn!!
    Reading your blog reminded me so much of the times at home and traveling with Anna and Saskia. At age 5 Anna was already a daft hand at sewing on the sewing machine. Look at her blog now http://www.aknittingblog.com
    Saskia’s survival skills she picked up in her early years have been very useful in all the things she is doing now.
    They just did not go to school.
    We never used the terms
    “home ed” or “home schooled” these made me feel that somehow I was required to compete with “school”.
    Neither of my girls could read until they felt the need to (that was around 8 years old each). But all the other skills they picked up at any time during day or night from the many people around them!! Skills that can be picked up so quickly when you are young and curious. Skills that make reading and writing, when needed, just a thing that you pick up in a few weeks. At some point after they could read I had to remove the light bulbs after mid night. Otherwise hey would be reading till the early hours and showing big grumpiness during the day due to lack of sleep.
    I love following your beautiful blog!

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