the sun might not be shining…

but we’re still making sun-hats for the important people in our lives…

  • Sara

    Lovely hat – envious (G seems between hat sizes now). And now that a hairshirt app has magically appeared on my phone courtesy of little G (how did she DO that?!) I should enjoy more frequent reads of your posts x

    • zoequick

      thanks Sara… yup those little ones seem born with a disconcerting grip on technology – but a hairshirt app? I am intrigued… but if you’re up for frequent reading I’ll have to try writing a bit more regularly! – there’s a stock of posts in my head but life isn’t allowing them to get near the keyboard right now… lovely to see you at the weekend (if only brief!) X so sad I missed your walk

  • pien

    It’s time for a winter hat!
    and maybe a picture of it….
    Hope you are all well.
    A bit mad at 39 and 41.
    Lots of love.

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