wool and willow

During the month of June each year, the Minerva Arts Centre in Llanidloes, hosts the Wool and Willow festival. It is a true feast for the senses – woolly goodness in all forms – a showcase for local spinners, dyers, felters, weavers and also basket makers… I dipped in and out during the last month, meeting interesting people, asking lots of questions and learning to weave. At the eleventh hour I remembered to bring my camera:











The last picture is ‘A Cardigan for Cardigan’, a giant cardigan knitted by an army of 200 to celebrate Cardigan’s 900th anniversary. The project was designed and coordinated by Lisa Hellier, a community artist based in Cardigan, and the knitting team included school children, beginners and accomplished knitters from across the community of Cardigan. The project has involved meet ups every Sunday since March 2010. It’s exciting to see a cross section of community bonding through textile exploits, especially in Wales… and with wool.  This big momma cardi makes more than a nod towards the role textiles played in Cardigan’s communities of yesteryear… I just wish someone could wear it and take its stories out onto the streets: Calling all giants…

  • Debbie Ashton


    We have a giant.

    • zoequick

      right then debbie! we’d better get speaking with the Cardigan cardigan team…(?)

      • DebbieAshton

        Haha ! It’s an amazing piece of work! (The Cardigan…)

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