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‘Hairshirt’* is a tongue-in-cheek challenge to myself and anyone else out there aspiring to live simply, slowly and joyfully while keeping the inner party-pooper in check. My aim is to delight myself (and perhaps you too) with little surprises of fun, beauty, or indulgence, which might otherwise have been framed as spartan, labour intensive or undesirably compromised.

I was a city dweller until 2009 when we moved to the least populated county of Wales (Britain’s happiest place, according to research – and I can’t dispute that). I share our home with my husband and our two little girls… and another family with two little girls… and our cat, Mr. Darcy. We have about an acre of ‘garden’ around the house which is pretty wild – some of it edible, either by chance or on purpose…  We’re on the edge of an ancient wood, on the edge of a small town, so if I open the window I can hear mostly birds, some distant sheep, and the odd tractor. (If I close it I can hear small children…) We do most of our daily errands by bike – all year round. It is rainy, yes, and it can be very cold in Winter, but I have longjohns and some really good waterproof trousers, and besides, it is so green and so very beautiful outside, and the air is a tonic for the lungs.

My husband and I are both architects by training – we like designing and making things of all kinds and at any scale. I have a passion for textiles and sewing in particular, which features heavily here. I can be an earthy purist when it comes to cloth and dye and I generally like simple clothes with clean lines. BUT but I’m a sucker for neon, gold, glitter, sequins and some serious theatre on party nights. That’s where I get busy with thrifting and upcycling.

If ‘Hairshirt’ is a blazing contradiction in terms, well evidently so am I – aren’t we all? My posts are often thoughts on those contradictions as I encounter them in the course of my work and everyday life. It’s all contested territory so please do join in the discussion…

Hairshirt n.

1   a shirt made of haircloth worn next to the skin as a penance

2   a secret trouble or affliction

Collins English Dictionary

  • Mummy

    Bloody good stuff!!

  • Maggie

    How uplifting to read your blog, thoughts, musings at 5.00ish on a warm Thursday – makes me think you’re going about the whole motherhood business in exactly the right way. And although I don’t envy your 5.00 am starts, I can see the advantages when you live in such a beautiful part of the world.

  • Started our day by drinking your apple juice – yum! It went well with blackberries from the Heath, yogurt made by P, topped with a fresh batch of granola. I’m very curious about wild raspberries – I don’t think I’ve ever had them.

  • Suzy

    Laying in bed in cake town (as iris calls it ) reading your lovely words missing you and rose. You are so lovely x

    • zoequick

      hello hello suzy… we’re so looking forward to return and all your exciting news – cake town? that sounds like a place I would like to go… and for that matter, two other little ladies I know… biggest kisses XXX

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